What’s Next?

I’ve arrived at he midpoint of my CVP course, and am confronted by what haunted me in SPARK. It’s what made the desire board challenging. It’s the cliche psychology question:

“What do YOU want?”

I have at least a dozen boards in play, several series and a few throw-away boards that have moved into paintings. I know and love the splashy opening moves, and I feel confident at the start of this chess game.

This course has taught me to create layers that cover or reveal, There will be wonderful surprises and happy accidents. I have at my fingertips a myriad of textures, energies, shapes, marks, and stories.

But now what?

I have so many choices!

  • landscape elements- water, rock, forest, urban
  • surface texture with glazing
  • collage-pattern-movement intuitive
  • mythic elements – creatures, spirits
  • limited palette – all about color

I’ve arrived at the place where no one can answer these questions but me.

We’re learning to dance between intuitive painting and the analysis, planning and correcting necessary to make complete paintings. Art cant happen with out the push-pull of these forces. I know I need to keep practising my footwork, even as I trip over my own feet.

I can do this. I have some many of the necessary ingredients. Now I have the time and dedication to plough through to a new level of mastery.

1 thought on “What’s Next?

  1. What a wonderful place to be in one’s life!! Blessings abound!

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