Lost & Found

This fall season finds me deep into composition studies. Working with a new teacher I’m exploring design and style within the limitations of black & white, and learning so much about what interests me, what I’m curious about, and how to build my visual language without representational imagery.

Drama in a small package

So much is possible in a 5″ square using only black! I’m focusing in on Shape, Line, Balance, Movement, and other design elements and finding what my hand can do, what my eye is thrilled by. We’ve analyzed our photos to find what interests us, and played with ways to apply paint that makes intriguing marks.

Two Versions of “Lost”

Many times in this abstract painting journey I’ve felt lost. But I’m realizing that I have two responses to feeling lost.

  1. Bewildered, worried and discouraged
  2. Curious, engaged, excited and motivated to go forward

The difference between them is my level of self judgement. Hiding behind the discouragement is the idea that I’m failing, that I’ll never ‘make it.’ When I can shift into curious I am filled with hope and this effervescent urge to see what’s around the next bend in the road.

Climbing ©2021 16 x 12″ acrylic on canvas
Splash ©2021 16 x 12″ acrylic on canvas

1 thought on “Lost & Found

  1. Small boxes surprise, and anchor,
    sharing fresh viewpoints.
    Opened, new paths call.

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