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Even the Desert Blooms

The March Equinox Arrives

At this moment of Equinox (latin ‘equal night’), the Northern Hemisphere crosses out of winter. Preparations for Passover and Easter are underway. Dormant buds are preparing, or indeed bursting, into bloom. I’m poised for my annual cherry blossom painting frenzy. The ospreys returned last Thursday, immediately busying themselves with nest-building.

All living creatures respond to the change. Bob Wells, long time van dweller, (he writes the blog Cheap RV Living) heard that Death Valley was experiencing an unusual ‘Super Bloom,’ and earlier this month pointed his mobile household west.

from the NYT: a Desert 5-Spot. Read about it at http://nyti.ms/1Qv5hGA

From Bob’s Blog:

“Once you’ve spent some time in the desert and opened your soul to hear it’s unspoken message, you quickly come to see how very tiny and puny we are in the grand scheme of things.

“The desert has stood in one place with very little change not just for tens of thousands of years, but for thousands of millenniums. It’s ancient wisdom laughs at our insignificant discoveries. In a moments time it could snuff us out like the locusts we are.”

“When I step out of my van in the morning and look around in a 360 degree circle, the sheer immensity of it’s size humbles me. It would take me days of walking to reach the distant mountains and many more days of walking to reach the next distant mountains. To reach them all would take me many months of walking and I would be dead before I reached them unless I give the desert the respect it demands and learned and followed it’s ways.”


Read more at Death Valley Superbloom

Guest Blogger at Cheryl Holloway’s Author blog

I’m honored to be featured today at Cheryl Holloway‘s blog here:

How to Succeed at NaNoWriMo

Please go read, and give Cheryl some love. It’s the second year I’ve been invited to do thisand I’m honored.

Cheryl interviews indy authors of all types and genres, and I’ve discovered interesting writers and books. So she is a big help to authors who want to share their work. And she is a very reliable blogger – I know I will have something interesting to read at least once a week.

Cheryl writes romance, and heart-touching short stories. She’s written biography and young-adult fiction. Essentially, she understands people very well. And, she makes a great writing buddy! This is her first NaNoWriMo, so share some encouragement and share the blog too.

girl-writingBut there’s something I’m avoiding: 

Something that came up while I did this interview: I have yet to complete the rewrite of one of my NaNo novels. I’ve edited and rewritten about one half of last year’s. But the previous two stories (3 years of writing) languish unimproved. Were they terrible?  I don’t think so. I know the stories were interesting. But I have some blocks there – am I reluctant to see just how bad the rough drafts really were??

So, before NEXT YEAR’s NaNo, I will have at least one solid draft of a complete novel. There, my commitment to you!

But wait! Here’s more good news:

I have been submitting Short Stories to contests and journals, in search of prizes and publication. So far, no results. I only started in August, and the first one is a tiny one. I’ll hear about the second one much sooner – in 2 weeks! And I have a third story almost ready to go.

So I am floating my balloon out into the literary landscape.

But for today, it’s NaNo time! And I have  words to go before I sleep.

My Blogging Life

This post also appears, with minor edits, at The Women’s Pages, a multi-author blog for women writers published by the Accokeek Women Writers Group

BloggingI’ve been writing Art Spirit Nature or about three years and I’ve learned a great deal by experimenting with different kinds of writing.  I’ve learned how to grow my followers and  express myself in new publishing format. I’m proud of this blog and I really enjoy it because it gives me a lot of latitude to express myself on topics dear to me. As you know, you’ll find art, science, profiles of creative people, and musings all about the wonder and beauty of the creative life.

But I’m ready now to go to a more professional level, and so I have two new blogs launched this year for business, and I am committed to maintaining these regularly,twice a week. That gives me quite a busy writing life on a regular basis, at least for news and essay writing!

My Marketing and Design blog is called Clearly Creative Communication and you can find it at:


blogging-insideThe purpose is to explore the new mediums of communication, new tools, and also the new ways of working, particularly for creative women. Design and visual communication are also featured.  It’s off to a great start, and I hope if the topic interests you that you’ll Subscribe or Follow.

The other blog is for my other job with Milestone Asset Partners, a commercial real estate investor group. That one is called CRE Milestones and covers news from the world of commercial real estate, particularly multifamily housing, including trends in financing and emerging markets.  A drier subject, but it’s the freshness here that counts; I scan the CRE eNews every day and pluck two topics to feature that week. It’s mostly reporting and linking to others’ stories, where I will summarize the story and occasionally offer my own analysis.

Blogging is an amazing format – it’s basically a magazine that you self-publish. I’ve found that to become a better blogger I need to read lots of blogs, so my next story about blogging will be finding and reading the ones you like. Reading lots of blogs has helped me find a niche in the blogosphere, and find my blogging voice. 

Tell me what you blog about, or, if you don’t (yet) have a blog, what would you write about if you did? It’s all a part of the creative conversation!