Confession: I’m one of those Baddicts

Despite my early reservations about the subject matter, the writing and performances have kept me riveted. It's exactly like that train wreck: you cannot look away. The transformation of Walter from nerdy loser to risk-taking anti-hero to dastardly villain has been amazing to watch. Everyone working on this show, from creator Vince Gilligan to composer Dave Porter and everyone in between, have concocted an epic tragedy in the guise of tv entertainment.

a new portrait underway

I'm indulging in some fan-girling, and started an oil portrait of Sherlock, the 21st century version as played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Here's the underpainting. Next steps: refine the skin and begin to suggest some colour.  This is painted with Torrit Grey, a special colour from Gamblin. Click here for an animated step-by-step.