Blogging for Mental Health

I believe in choosing to confront mental illness and be proactive for mental health. So that's why I am Blogging for Mental Health in 2014. Every one of my posts is already an attempt to focus on the pathways in life that encourage my mental health, my strong and living spirit, my love of life. I'm just making it clear that there is a deliberate purpose to my blogging.

We Birth Our Future

Cloud Atlas, the remarkable book by David Michell and cinematic  gift from Lana and Andy Wachowski (creators of The Matrix), didn't last long in the cinema, the ideas it raises will carry it on. This post from Ekostories highlights important themes, including Change Through Connection, Music and Storytelling, and the Unpredictable Power of Stories. Even …

Floating in the Garden

I've enjoyed naked swimming before in different settings. There is always a code: Growing up in Michigan skinny dipping always took place at night, since our cottages were crowded together at the river. At the Ithaca reservoir swimming itself was forbidden, so why not dispense with attire? Suited swimmers were greeted with suspicion.