A New Year Dawns

I've been grumpy about the unseasonably warm weather - over 70° leading up to Christmas just didn't feel right. But heading into the end of the year, Voila! And it's so crispy cold that the bay has frozen. There is a beauty to the frosted morning, a certain chilled pink and blue glaze over lawns …

More Summer Painting

I've been busy, too busy outside slurping up all the delicious low-humidity summertime that August has brought to Southern Maryland to post work I've been doing, so here are a few things I've been working on. click images for larger view      Solstice Sunrise, oil on canvas, 14 x 11"  6am, June 21, 2105 ©Patrise

Wind Song

The forest is singing this morning after a long and stormy night. The air has been moving wildly since yesterday....

Setting Sail into the Storm

One hundred years ago and only the old watermen would have known: a great storm is approaching. So late in the year, the lowering sky and restless wind could be chalked up to October’s moods. But in 2012 the Weather Channel blares the oncoming drama from every flatscreen.

OK, I’ll confess: I’m right there with them, those eager meteorologists. This is their moment, and it’s the best reality show on TV, stealing the ratings from not only Real Housewives and Storage Wars, but the last gasps of the Presidential election. There’s good old Jim Cantore, knee-deep in surf, gamely reporting at the risk of his own dry socks.

I love this stuff.


For a Michigander, summer seems to last forever in the Southern Maryland. Of course, I've been preoccupied with the Big Move, but today, a fortnight past Equinox and I'm marveling: suddenly the forest has been glazed with transparent  yellow. Leaves are floating to earth on the steady breeze off the river like a shower of golden …