Poet, Feminist, Francophile, Painter: Marguerite Beck-Rex

NOTE: A New Series

Perhaps my favorite part of my work is coaching people to use digital tools to express themselves. I am blessed to be a part of some delightful success stories. I want to share some of these with you.

Marguerite Beck-Rex has the detailed mind of a Virgo, and the persistence of a tenacious bulldog. I met her 20 years ago in her 60’s when she had just taken up painting. She had been a journalist, lobbyist, activist, poet. A mother who raised two sons, one white, one black, both adopted, both adored. In her 70s, she led groups of artists on adventures in Provence. In her 80s, although challenged by increasingly low vision, she took up blogging. 

The result is the charming Ink, Paint, Words. 

Birds on a Cafe Patio

Tender drawings touched with color alternate with deceptively delicate poems. They seem brief and spare; read it again, there is a potency there arising from a long life well lived and a writer’s craft well loved.

Poem: Either or Both

Poem: Losing Sight No. 2

Painting Losing Sight: No. 3

I hope you will go and explore some of the treasures on her blog, and follow the good stuff yet to come. 

art from Mountain Retreat


My week on the Rapidan River allowed much time for contemplation via drawing and painting.

One notable feature of the landscape there is the many dead hemlock trees. The area we stayed was formerly a grove of massive Hemlocks which were all killed in the 90s by an invasive insect.  Now you will see the skeletons of these trees standing ghostly, or mostly fallen giants. The standing trees are like white bleached bones, while the fallen trunks have a warm sienna colour.

Fallen Hemlock - brush pen
Rapidan riffle - brush, pen and watercolour
Rapidan rocks and logs
Mill Prong stream - H2O soluble graphite


Glee on a rock - watercolour
The Source - watercolour


OIL ON PANEL – unfinished

Rapidan River - plein-aire oil on canvas panel