NaNaWriMo Winner!

I met my NaNaWriMo goal and wrote 51,079 words in 30 days.
I’ve been thinking about how right now I can’t RUN a marathon, but I can WRITE one, and I’m so glad I hung in there when I really wanted to quit.

More later! For now, I am a wee bit tired of typing.

NaNoWriMo progress report

Only four days left in November and my word count is only one third what it should be. I’m sad but not surprised, since I have found distraction and depression to be my daunting foes this time around.

But ultimately, I am not disappointed. Because of last year’s NANO, I’ve begun writing an amazing project, an epic even, that can keep me occupied for years. I love my characters. I’m creating in a world that is vast and mysterious, rooted in the real world, deep in ancient history and abundant in mythic lore. I have some cool processes and tools that help me move forward when I’m stuck. And I have wonderful fellow writers sharing the journey, at NaNoWriMo, The Women’s Pages and other online and real-world hangouts.

I treasure my creative life. I love that I have friends to share the journey with. I’ll still keep pushing to get this year’s draft word count up there, but I know that I am a writer now, one who has a lot of work to do!