Header photo © ParaFlyer
Header photo © ParaFlyer

Dear Reader, I am so glad you are here! Pull up a chair, have a cup of cheer, and chat for a while.

It is my heart’s wish that you find some useful pleasure here: a beautiful image, idea or phrase that moves you to make something true of your own. When our hearts are moving, engaged, we are most alive, and if there is any Mission and Purpose to my artistic work beyond keeping me sane and alive, it is to help others find more Life in life.

For many years I  wandered in, looked at, painted, and studied landscapes. I tried to convince people that they were more than just ‘background.’ When I saw the divinity in a weed’s blossom, I thought if I painted it well enough, other people would see it too. This didn’t work as well as I would have liked. But  I have made some attractive pictures.

Recently I’ve been wandering in other art realms, drawing the figure, learning digital media, exploring fanwork and it’s culture.  I’ve also been returning to the Garden and learning to live, and eat,  closer to the mother earth, closer to my values.

This has lead me down new roads, to new people and ideas, to stretch and grow new skills and find ways to share ideas and inspiration beyond my wildest dreams. Not only do I want to encourage you to do your own creative work, I want you to SHARE IT!

I welcome your feedback, comments, ideas and shared work. And please check out the other good things I’m connected to in the side bar.

And enjoy the blessings of this miraculous day.

Much love to all,


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