Searching for Style

Exploring new frontiers of painting, experimenting with abstraction, I’ve had fun flinging color around, and finding some happy accidents. But a sense of style and direction that’s my own is still elusive.

What’s great is I can always create stormy chaos of color and shape. The theme of Wildness is compelling, but maybe not enough to build a body of work? I think I’m feeling lost with purely abstract compositions.

I’ve tried on various styles and methods from my online teachers. Sometimes I get interesting results…. but do I like it? Does it intrigue me? Make me want to do more?

The painting below was first a fun mess of color, line, shape and texture. Then taking a page from Nicholas Wilton I unified the entire thing with a white overlay, just leaving my very favorite bits of the underlayer peep through. That felt too blank, so I hit it with some transparent aqua blue. Due to the rich texture of what came before, that looks pretty cool.

trying to paint like Nick, haha. Nothing like his, really. But is it mine?

Is it ‘mine?’ Should I pursue this avenue? This is proving to be the next big challenge: Which rabbit hole to plunge into? How do I choose? Am I just chasing the next furry object that darts by?

Here are some of the possible directions:

  • Wildness unified by overlayer, revealing worlds below (above)
  • Elemental mystery compositions where shamanic creatures appear
  • Post Industrial abstracted landscapes; the cement river, the dead mills
  • Tree and/or Rock forms
  • Pure formal abstraction

“The future may be unknowable, but I am empowered and emboldened knowing I can help create it.”

Unity Daily Word – February 2021

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